Friday, March 25, 2011

25 Telltale Signs of a Really Good Orgasm

Probably TMI, hopefully applicable to more people than myself. Pretty much all from personal experience, and achieved with much practice. I apologize to anyone who hasn't been able to enjoy the same for whatever reasons.

- temporary blindness
- immediate and lasting paralysis of various limbs, possibly tingling as well
- immediate random hunger pangs
- narcolepsy and muteness
- muscle twitching in various areas
- humming (from the mouth)
- dry-mouth (apparently...)
- temporary out-of-body sensation
- near-deafness in one or both ears
- weak knees and weak everything actually
- uncontrollable laughter or shit-eating grin (not a scat reference)
- immediate desire for more
- breathing difficulty
- ability to feel/hear your heartbeat intensely for a moment
- overpowering affectionate urges, not in a mushy way

Many stereotypically male sensations there, unsurprisingly: I just want to pass out, without pillow talk please, and maybe eat a sandwich first.

Some, mostly men, have also mentioned an immediate existential feeling of emptiness or something like that, which I haven't personally gotten. I hope that's not just a male thing, but I am sympathetic. Also I wonder what other male post-and concurrent-coital sensations are like, what overlap and differences there are. I want the gift of Teiresias. Also I'm kind of weird and perverted, as has been thoroughly established by now.

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