Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ok for real this time you guyyys

Hey. Remember when I like started a blog forever ago and said it was going to make me write again and I was totally gonna use it and shit? And then I posted twice in like a week and then stopped forever? Yeah, that didn't work out. Which is pretty much what has been the case historically any time little Felice tried to start a journal she got from an aunt on Christmas - I think there's exactly one of them that has a timeline longer than the first two weeks.

I had a really good streak on Xanga, followed by Livejournal, then petered out for some reason. Depression, probably. Which made me stop doing a lot of things back then but whatever, so like over it. And now that those are way too old and uncool, I have a blogger instead, which is nice because I've embraced Google as my online and mobile overlord for the sake of convenience, good services and design. And to support my friend Petch kinda.

So I'll post those timeless two posts from the old blahg, then I'll get started on this one. I actually have ideas for a bunch of shit I want to write this time, instead of having this idea of some Herculean effort to force myself to be a writer again, goddammit. The format will be fairly random, but generally a combination of comics (yep, back to that shit), random essays and commentaries on what have you, some introspective navel-gazing stuff but hopefully not in an obnoxious way, and with any luck, some fiction. Not feeling that at the moment though. Also tentatively videos and pictures I produce? Perhaps if that's where life takes me at some point. But I don't think I'll end up doing the lame picture-a-day-meaningful-type bullshit. Go to fuckyeahdykes on tumblr for that, please.

Without further ado: here's hoping I defy all feasible odds and don't fail this time, too.

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