Friday, March 25, 2011

40 Things I Miss About Greece

Shout out to my fellow Olympians and Nafplioli. I will return to Greece at some point, with everyone I love. Hopefully their economy stays in the can.

From Acropolis

- good ass feta
- ancient history around every corner
- indoor smoking
- old men EVERYWHERE
- ubiquitous ouzo
- living in 5-star hotels
- some amount of the weather
- being cat-called?
- gypsies
- those single-packaged, chocolate-filled croissants
- spanicopita and those pannini things
- crazy Euro clubs that we snuck into
- the stray dogs in Athens
- the stray cats in everywhere
- people with mythological names, and Giorgos/Yorgos
- pebble and non-pebble beaches
- relaxation
- weird museums
- twisty, beautiful roads
- 50 cent water
- Euro-trash
- talking with people over wine and ouzo
- accurate Greek salad
- frappes
- souvenir shops
- cheap clothing stores
- the Palaka
- Zorba's Coffee and Music Bar at Olympia
- bikinis
- Greeks speaking English. And Greek.
- hearing American dance music from 5-10 years ago
- German tourists
- Spain winning the World Cup
- tour guides
- feeling like a native in a tourist town
- daredevil taxi drivers
- the few hours we spent not on winding roads on buses
- joking about the Elgin Marbles
- beautiful Byzantine churches

Share your own?
Holy crap, and saganaki.

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  1. Felice how could you so easily forget saganaki?